Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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Alcovit is Preventing Hangovers Around the Globe

Alcovit is an innovative dietary supplement with a seemingly impossible objective: to stop a hangover before it even starts. In spite of the difficulties of the challenge, the brand's unique formula has already demonstrated an ability to prevent hangovers from taking place

Michelob ULTRA Teams Up with Usain Bolt to Cover the Cost of Post-Workout Beers at the Bar

With summer in full swing and the euphoric re-opening of bars and restaurants, Michelob ULTRA, the fastest growing beer brand in the country, is hitting the pavement with Usain Bolt to cover the cost of post-workout beers at local watering holes.

A Closer Look at the Eventide UltraTap Pedal

UltraTap is a unique multi-tap effect pedal capable of rhythmic delays, glitchy reverbs, huge pad-like volume swells, and extraordinary modulation. Take a closer look at our new in-depth tutorial where we explore the features that make this pedal unique, including controls for Spread, Slurm, and Chop, which open up a new world of sonic possibilities.

Guitar Gear Review: Jackson Limited Edition San Dimas SD22 JB

The San Dimas SD22 JB should be canon to every guitar nerd. It’s the red sparkle Jackson that Steve Vai (as “Jack Butler”) plays in the 1986 movie “Crossroads“. You know, the one with the dude from “Karate Kid”.

Bare Knuckle Pickups Silo Humbucker Set

The Silo humbuckers are the newest addition to Bare Knuckle’s contemporary category of pickups. They are made for, and in conjunction with, Rebea Massaad. You may know Rabea from his work with Frog Leap Studios or perhaps some of his demo videos. His demo of the BKP Ragnanok is a big hit, as are his videos of the BKP Boot Camp line of pickups. For me, I dig Rabea’s discussion on how to use a compressor. It’s one of the more misunderstood and commonly mis-used pedals. He lays it out so that even a guitar player can figure it out.

Guitar Gear Review: Mojotone 44 Magnum Humbucker Set

Mojotone has something else going on. “44” is actually the wire gauge at work in these pickups. And “magnum” essentially means “containing more than the standard size”. Still, there’s a lot of force in this magnum…. see what I did there? LOL!

Sweetwater Brewing Company’s Flagship 420 Brand Gets Bigger And Bolder With The Launch Of 420 Imperial IPA

Iconic Craft Brew Gets Imperial Treatment with the First Line Extension Off 420

Post-COVID-19 Dating Forecast: Singles Say Goodbye to One-Night Stands

New survey from Plenty of Fish reveals 66% of singles plan to continue being virtually intimate, 64% say the pandemic changed what they consider intimacy to be

“Do You Watch Adult Content?”

When asked if they ever view adult content, a whopping 57% of the respondents (68% of men and 48% of women) said they did.

Lone Star Brewing Announces the Latest Beer in its Culture Series – High Desert Days

The High Desert Days can was designed by artist Dana Tanamachi in conjunction with design agency, Switch. The new beer will be available for purchase in a six-pack of 12 oz. cans and will retail for the suggested price of $7.99.

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