Heroes Two-Hour Season 3 Premiere Rebroadcast Tonight

“HEROES” returns for its third season, with a brand-new chapter, “Volume 3: Villains,” which will explore the nature of good and evil in all the characters, as a group of villains is unleashed upon the world. With his abilities returned to him, serial killer Sylar relentlessly continues to accumulate other people’s abilities. Bound to a secret company with a keen interest in people like his daughter, Noah Bennet finds new purpose when his most dangerous foes break out of custody and must be dragged back.

Reeling from recent events and revelations, Claire Bennet, the indestructible high school cheerleader, struggles to define her identity and place in the world. An act of heroism unveils an amazing secret about Niki Sanders, the Las Vegas single mother with astonishing strength. In Japan, Yamagato Industries heir Hiro Nakamura continues to use his ability to pierce the space-time continuum and manipulate time to leap into wild, international adventures with his best friend, Ando Masahashi. Find out what new challenges and adventures await all the Heroes in the two-hour Season 3 premiere on G4.