Philly Tailgate Blog: Week 5 – Eagles vs. Redskins

yumAnother 1:00 game… my favorite. That means 8:00am arrival in the parking lot, and more importantly, breakfast on the grill. And there is only one breakfast that comes off my grill… the brat and egg sammy. Bring it on!

The mood is pretty reserved in the Wachovia lot today. The fans just don’t know what to make of the team yet. After lighting up the scorebard with the Cowboys, outlasting the Steelers in a defensive battle and getting beaten by the weakest opponent they faced in the past three weeks in the Bears, the opinions of the Eagles’ fans range from Superbowl contender to “dey suck!” There is definitely a “wait and see” throughout the tailgate scene today.

But enough about the team, the first five hours is about the food, drink and fun. There was plenty to be had. As I mentioned, the brat and egg sammy led off the day. For those of you who did not catch the first tailgate blog, the brat and egg is the marquee sandwich of this tailgate crew. Simply slap a split bratwurst on a kaiser roll and top it with a fried egg. Yum. We had a few guys in the group having a brat and egg for the first time this season. It was the highlight of their day.


To be totally honest, the first thing I had this morning was a Stone IPA. It preceded the brat and egg by a half hour… what else am I supposed to drink while the grill is firing up? The beer offerings are exactly the same as last week: Stone IPA, Dogfish Head Punkin Ale and Bud Light. Oh, and of course there’s some Diet Pepsi for Bo.

yumThe rest of the pre-game food was typical grill fare… hot dogs, hot sausage, bacon cheeseburgers and a few steaks. The bacon cheeseburgers were extra-tasty today… homemade burgers (thanks, Joanie) Velveta cheese and some thick bacon.

The food came and went pretty quickly and we’ve all had our fill (except for Chalie) and it’s time to head into the game. Again, it is a pretty timid crowd entering the stadium. The attitude revved up pretty quickly during the first five minutes of the game after two quick scores… but it went downhill from there. If you want to know how the rest of the game went, watch the NFL Network.

With the game over, we’re all heading out to the grill again to celebrate our team’s victory. Wait, didn’t the Eagles lose? Yeah, but to hell with them, the Phillies are in the NLCS. They drew more cheers than the Eagles did in the stadium today… and they were playing in Milwaukee. The reluctant talk about the Eagles shifted to “the season is over” in a matter of hours. From the time I left my seat, hit the head, and walked back out the vehicles, I heard fans talking about every player, and coach, needing to be cut or fired. Such is life after an Eagles loss.

The post-game menu consisted of honey mustard pork, BBQ chicken breast and more hot dogs and sausage. Good stuff. Its a good day when you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner on the grill while throwing in an NFL football game in between.

yumI’d like to know who does the scheduling for the Philly sports arenas. For years, the Flyers had to play playoff games on ruined ice due to the circus being in town and Eagles playoff games have always had limited parking with the Ice Capades performing right across the street at the same time. The funniest example of these little scheduling conflicts came this weekend. As the football fans were leaving the game, pissed off at a season-derailing division loss and coming up with combinations of dirty words I’ve never even heard of before… entering were fans of a different sort. A Christian “Evangelistic event” was starting a few short hours after the football game in the next arena over. Picture it, drunk angry Eagles fans in the same parking lot with holy-rollers. It was a sight to be had! And I’m pretty sure the perfomers at the church gathering played with a lot more heart than the Eagles did.

What an ending to the day. We’re not back here until the end of October, so enjoy your football until then.

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