Fuller’s Unveils Brewer’s Reserve Exceptional Oak Aged Ale Available In Limited Numbers

Fuller, Smith & Turner P.L.C., London’s only remaining traditional family brewer, is delighted to announce the release of its new bottled ale, Brewer’s Reserve.

Brewer’s Reserve is the culmination of more than four year’s work by Fuller’s head brewer, John Keeling, which began following a joint tasting session with some colleagues in the whisky trade. With his appreciation of the qualities of both beer and whisky, John decided that he wanted to create a new strong beer, incorporating some of the characteristics of a single malt.

The result is a remarkable, 7.7% ABV, limited edition ale, matured in 30 year old whisky casks for over 500 days which has taken on some characteristics of the whisky absorbed in the wood.

John Keeling, Fuller’s head brewer, said; “We tried many different recipes, ageing different beers in whisky casks, but the one we selected has really surpassed all expectations. It has the Fuller’s blend of hoppy bitterness and rich, tangy marmalade flavours, along with subtle vanilla notes from the oak and a wonderful hint of the whisky.”


John Roberts, managing director of the Fuller’s Beer Company, said; “Fuller’s has shown, through the success of our other limited edition brew, Vintage Ale, that we can really capture the public’s imagination with our bottle-conditioned premium fine ales.

“This Brewer’s Reserve is number one in a special series and with Fuller’s reputation for excellence I’m sure it will quickly become collectible. Each of the 25,000 bottles is individually numbered and comes in a fantastic looking presentation box, which highlights the beer’s quality and sophistication.

“This truly is a beer for the connoisseur, and I am looking forward to seeing what John Keeling and his team have planned for number two next year.”