Howard Stern: Howard TV Halloween Special Coming to Howard TV On Demand

Howard TV LogoMurder, mayhem and deadly breath bring together the cast members of Howard TV On Demand to scare and entertain viewers on The 2008 Howard TV Halloween Special which will premiere on the service beginning October 27. This 30-minute special is hosted by “Wack Pack” member High Pitch Eric, who portrays “Alfred Inchcock” and introduces each film. The film synopses are as follows:

The first film, “The Monster,” stars Stern show staffer Sal (‘The Stockbroker”) Governale. Sal believes monsters have moved into his neighborhood which terrifies him to such an extreme that he locks himself in his home in a case of misplaced paranoia. Authorities, who’ve heard his complaints before, refuse to believe him. When he comes face-to-face with “his monster,” who’s only there to extend a friendly invitation, Sal is left horrified.

The second film, “The Deadliest Breath,” is narrated by Stern Show staffer Richard Christy who tells the story about a foul-breathed, unattractive creature, Gary “Baba Booey” Dell’Abate, who has been ridiculed by the children he grew up with and taunted by his co-workers as an adult. Gary goes on a rampage, killing associates by merely breathing on them, leaving their faces burned and scarred. He even attacks Howard Stern; Arite Lange and Robin Quivers with a shocking outcome. But there is one person who figures out a way to stop him. The final scene of this comedic horror film will leave viewers laughing.

The final film, “Mmmgammhmuf…..woamh” (so named because “Inchcock” introduces the film with a mouth stuffed with food) revolves around Penthouse Pet Victoria Zdrok She’s home alone showering when she realizes an intruder has entered the house. She proceeds to dial 911 repeatedly, but every time she calls, she’s put in touch with one of Howard Stern’s “Wack Packers” including Fred the Elephant Boy, John the Stutterer, The Iron Shiek and Beetlejuice, all of whom are unable to help due to their various flaws and speech impediments. Finally, she is confronted by the intruder and discovers that her constant promotion of her website on “The Howard Stern Show” has caused her attacker to go mad.

The special will remain on the service through November 23. Check out for more information on the Halloween Special or Howard TV On Demand.