Visionman NFL Players of the Week Results – Week 11

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The NFL Offensive and Defensive Players of the Week for Week 11 of the 2008 NFL Season have been announced and are as follows:

Offense: Peyton Manning – Quarterback – Indianapolis Colts
Defense: James Harrison – Linebacker – Pittsburgh Steelers
Offense: Shaun Hill – Quarterback – San Francisco 49ers
Defense: Aaron Ross – Cornerback – New York Giants

Visionman Players of the Week

Widow PC prizeFor those of you who haven’t entered the first week of competition, The Visionman Players of the Week is YOUR opportunity to guess who you think will be selected the players of the week as announced by the NFL. The prize? It’s pictured to the left… a Widow WGMI-1NG700 Intel Gaming PC from our friends at

Peyton Manning was a very popular guess for Player of the Week early on this season, but his support dwindled as it became clear that offseason surgeries severely hampered what he could do on the field. In week 11, he put up the numbers football fans have come to expect, but only two members picked him as player of the week. Unfortunately, neither of those members guessed a defensive player correctly. Not one single member guessed Shaun Hill, James Harrison or Aaron Ross.

Better Luck next week.

To get in on the fun, visit the Beat the House main picks page, enter your picks for the week, then enter your guesses for the Visionman Players of the Week. It’s that simple. Week 12 NFL picks and predictions should be available early Thursday morning, so check back then and make your picks.

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See you Thursday!