AOTS – Best Moments of Olivia Munn

video inside post To Brighten Up Your Holidays this Year “Attack of the Show” Presents the Best Moments of Host Olivia Munn Monday 12/29 at 7 PM ET/PT, only on G4

The special Olivia-dedicated “AOTS” will feature all of the hilarious, outrageous, unapologetic and always sexy moments that Olivia Munn is known for, including:

 Olivia’s best moments as a superhero
 Olivia’s best on-stage comedy bits
 Olivia’s sexiest moments
 The Best of “In Your Pants”
 Olivia’s cliff diving in Jamaica
 Olivia’s Complex Magazine cover shoot
 Olivia’s best moments with food
 And much more!

The “Best of Olivia” special – chock full of hits that have already rocked the internets – will be presented on “Attack of the Show” on Monday, December 29 at 7 PM ET/PT, only on G4