HD Weekend Sports Outlook – 5/2 thru 5/4

HDTVThe NBA and NHL playoffs rule the HD roost again this weekend. There may even be some game sevens on Sunday in the NBA… but they don’t appear too confident since the time and networks have not been decided yet. It seems like we’ve been reporting on the playoffs for these two leagues for weeks now… and the NBA is just entering it’s second round.

Other HD fare this weekend include 3 baseball, 3 PGA and 2 HD NASCAR broadcasts. For you horse racing fans, the 134th running of the Kentucky Derby will take place on Saturday. Tune in to NBC-HD for that one.

The rest of the national HD schedule is as follows. Remember, all
programming shown below is in Eastern Time and check your local listings for
any local high definition broadcasts in your area:

Sat 5/03 03:30PM FOX-HD – New York Mets vs. Arizona Diamondbacks (720p)
Sat 5/03 03:30PM FOX-HD – Baltimore Orioles vs. Los Angeles Angels (720p)
Sat 5/03 03:30PM FOX-HD – Chicago Cubs vs. St. Louis Cardinals (720p)

Sun 5/04 04:00PM TBS-HD – New York Mets vs. Arizona Diamondbacks (1080i)
Sun 5/04 08:00PM ESPNHD – Chicago Cubs vs. St. Louis Cardinals (720p)

Fri 5/02 07:00PM ESPN2HD – Round 1 – Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Wash. Wizards – Game 6 (720p)
Fri 5/02 10:30PM ESPN-HD – Round 1 – Houston Rockets vs. Utah Jazz – Game 6 (720p)

Sat 5/03 T.B.D. TNT-HD – Round 1 – Philadelphia 76ers vs. Detroit Pistons – Game 7 (1080i)
Sat 5/03 T.B.D. TNT-HD – Round 2 – San Antonio Spurs vs. New Orleans Hornets – Game 1 (1080i)

Any game sevens being played on Sunday are time and channel T.B.D.

Fri 5/02 10:00PM Versus – Round 2 – Dallas Stars at San Jose Sharks – Game 5 (1080i)

Sat 5/03 01:00PM NBC-HD – Round 2 – Colorado Avalanche at Detroit Red Wings – Game 5 (1080i)
Sat 5/03 07:00PM Versus – Round 2 – Philadelphia Flyers at Montreal Canadiens – Game 5 (1080i)

Sun 5/04 02:00PM NBC-HD – Round 2 – Rangers at Pittsburgh Penguins – Game 5 (1080i)
Sun 5/04 07:00PM Versus – Round 2 – Montreal Canadiens at Philadelphia Flyers – Game 6 (1080i)
Sun 5/04 09:00PM Versus – Round 2 – San Jose Sharks at Dallas Stars – Game 6 (1080i)

Fri 5/02 07:00AM ESPN2HD – Nationwide 250 (720p)

Sun 5/02 07:00PM FOX-HD – Sprint Cup: Crown Royal 400 (720p)

Fri 5/02 03:00PM Golf-HD – Wachovia Championship (1080i)

Sat 5/03 03:00PM CBS-HD – Wachovia Championship (1080i)

Sun 5/04 03:00PM CBS-HD – Wachovia Championship (1080i)

Horse Racing:
Sat 5/03 04:00PM NBC-HD – 134th Kentucky Derby (1080i)

Enjoy, and have a great Hi-Def weekend!