Lost Boys, the Tribe – is scheduled for release

Lost Boys DVD CoverPRLog (Press Release) – May 06, 2008 – The Boy of Summer – Corey Feldman readies for multiple summer projects. Los Angeles, CA Summer 2008 is gearing up to be a busy summer for actor/producer/musician Corey Feldman.

21 years in the making, the sequel to 1987’s cult phenomenon The Lost Boys, titled The Lost Boys, the Tribe – is scheduled for release. Within a few weeks of posting the trailer, it had already received over a million views at MTV.com from anxious fans, and WB Studios is expecting the momentum to continue as the release date approaches. “I was thrilled to step back into the shoes of Edgar Frog,” says Corey, referring to his character in the original “Lost Boys.” “Edgar is a character that thankfully many people remember and truly love, and I hope I have done justice to both the character, and in people’s memories, to the sequel”

This summer will also see the sophomore season of The Two Coreys – one of the top rated shows on A&E. The show is filmed in Los Angeles, and also stars his wife Susie as Corey reunites with his friend and longtime acting partner: Corey Haim. Says Corey: “The first season was really designed for entertainment purposes, with more of a sitcom feel to it” he adds; “Since I am one of the producers on this show – we all agreed to just take the gloves off for the second season.” “None of us are perfect, and viewers will see in Season 2 a lot of raw emotion. This season is quite a rollercoaster for all of us, and it promises to be much edgier and more real than the first season.” Another interesting note; in season two fans will see Susie Feldman pose for Playboy Magazine. She was personally approached by Hugh Hefner, and was chosen to do both a pictorial and the cover of the August issue.

From May through July Corey will also be in the studio at work on his 2nd band album and scheduling tour dates with his band; The Truth Movement. This will be the first album for the band in 10 years. No stranger to the studio; Corey has previously released 4 albums, completed four soundtracks (including Dickie Roberts for Hollywood records) and two North American tours. A long time Pink Floyd fan: this next album will feature Storm Thorgerson, the mastermind behind over 600 classic album covers including Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon album cover with its iconic refracting prism. Storm is lending his design hand to The Truth Movement album cover. In addition; this album will also feature numerous special guest performers.

Off screen; Feldman is a devoted father, husband and activist for several causes especially those involving children, animals, and the environment. A vegetarian for most of his life, Corey is a spokesperson for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) the world’s largest animal rights organization, and The Feldman’s recently shot a PETA campaign in which he and his wife Susie recreate the iconic John Lennon/ Yoko Ono “Bed In” photograph. The Feldman’s also support Farm Sanctuary (a farm animal rescue), The Humane Society, Last Chance for Animals, Global Green, MoveOn, Green Peace, and the Amie Karen Cancer Fund. A committed Democrat, Corey has been working on Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the presidency.