HD Weekend Sports Outlook – 5/16 thru 5/18

HDTVCompared to the last few weeks, we have a somewhat boring HD schedule on the horizon this weekend. Sure, some NBA and NHL series can be wrapped up, but I’m talking more in terms of quantity, not quality.

A pair each of NBA and NHL games are guaranteed with an additional game possible if the Utah Jazz forces a game 7. The NBA playoffs could be in the next round by the end of the day Friday. As for the NHL, we’ll have to wait until Sunday to see if the Pittsburgh Penguins knock off the Philadelphia Flyers.

Major League Baseball is in it’s first series of inter-league play this weekend. That means the ESPN game of the week is, of course, Mets vs. Yankees. There is also a game mid-afternoon on Fox on Saturday, depending on your region, and Brewers vs. Red Sox on Sunday.

The rest of the national HD schedule is as follows. Remember, all
programming shown below is in Eastern Time and check your local listings for
any local high definition broadcasts in your area:

Sat 5/17 03:30PM FOX-HD – Cleveland Indians vs. Cincinnati Reds (720p)
Sat 5/17 03:30PM FOX-HD – Milwaukee Brewers vs. Boston Red Sox (720p)
Sat 5/17 03:30PM FOX-HD – Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Los Angeles Angels (720p)

Sun 5/18 01:30PM TBS-HD – Milwaukee Brewers vs. Boston Red Sox (1080i)
Sun 5/18 08:00PM ESPNHD – New York Mets vs. New York Yankees (720p)

Fri 5/16 09:00PM ESPNHD – Round 2 – Boston Celtics at Cleveland Cavaliers – Game 6 (720p)
Fri 5/16 09:00PM ESPNHD – Round 2 – Los Angeles Lakers at Utah Jazz – Game 6 (720p)

Sun 5/18 3:30PM ABC-HD – Round 2 – Cleveland Cavaliers at Boston Celtics – Game 7 (720p)

Sat 5/17 01:30PM NBC-HD – Round 3 – Dallas Stars at Detroit Red Wings – Game 5 (1080i)

Sun 5/18 03:00PM NBC-HD – Round 3 – Philadelphia Flyers at Pittsburgh Penguins – Game 5 (1080i)

Fri 5/16 03:00PM Golf-HD – AT&T Classic (1080i)

Sat 5/17 03:00PM CBS-HD – AT&T Classic (720p)

Sun 5/18 03:00PM CBS-HD – AT&T Classic (720p)

Auto Racing:
Sat 5/17 04:00PM ESPN2HD – Indy 500 Qualifying (720p)

Sun 5/18 12:00PM ESPN2HD – Indy 500 Qualifying (720p)

Horse Racing:
Sat 5/17 04:30PM NBC-HD – 133rd Preakness Stakes (720p)

Enjoy, and have a great Hi-Def weekend!