The Roger Clemens Saga

rcThe circus of what was the long-awaited Roger Clemens’ Congressional Hearings is now finally over. After what may be the longest two months in recorded history between the day the Mitchell Report came out and last Tuesday, The Rocket has finally had his day in court. And what was the result? Bubkus. Clemens’ trainer, Brian McNamee, still looked like a slimy dealer, and Clemens doesn’t appear to be any more truthful. In fact, he appeared to be less honest. And the worst part of the day is that the members of the Congressional Committee looked like boobs.

The only person in the whole mix who somehow came out looking good is New York Yankee pitcher Andy Pettite, a long-time friend of Clemens and a client of McNamee. Pettite stepped in a big pile of crap by admitting in a deposition that he had taken HGH the two times that McNamee had given it to him. Amazingly, he came out smelling as sweet as a rose.But then Pettite goes further in the deposition, saying that he took it another time when his own father gave it to him, and also saying that Clemens told him that he had also used it. Even better than that, Pettite has Rep Henry Waxman saying that his honesty makes him a role model for coming forward like he did. Now that, my friends, is impressive. Maybe Andy Pettite should consider running for office with that kind of power of people. Did Mr. Waxman forget that Andy Pettite still did the same thing he’s accusing Clemens of? At this point, there are clearly no winners here (except somehow, Andy Pettite). McNamee will continue to look like the drug dealer that Rep Christopher Shays actually called him. The esteemed members of Congress will continue to look like boobs, which most of us suspected them to be anyway, and Roger Clemens will continue to look guilty. The sad part is that the greatest pitcher that baseball has seen in the past 75 years won’t see the Hall of Fame without paying for admission.