American Idol Final 10

AND THEN THERE WERE 10 Two weeks in a row Country Kristy has somehow survived the axe. Have the horses in Oregon learned to speed-dial? I can’t think of any other explanation. There certainly aren’t that many people there (3,800,000, I looked it up). Certainly not enough to keep her from getting a well deserved vote off the island. Unlike Season Three when the entire population of Hawaii continued to vote for it’s homegirl, Jasmine Trias (who was pretty good and finished 3rd), Country Kristy actually needs to go, and soon. For the love of sugar cubes, take the phones away from those horses!!

I have to also say that I was a little more than stunned during last week’s results show when Carly ended up in the bottom three. Are you kidding me? Her take on The Beatles Blackbird was smooth and strong. Bad, bad choice. Not at all surprised to see Amanda go home, as pissed as I was to see Country Kristy still stay.

For a welcome change during last night’s show, Simon and Ryan didn’t squabble like schoolgirls. That was humorous, for about the first minute of the first show, then it got boring, then it got annoying, then it got obnoxious.

OK, here’s my take on last night’s show, in order of how I think they did:

1) Rocker David – Took the pop classic, Billie Jean, and sang the hell out of the Chris Cornell (of Soundgarten) version. This is definitely his niche. I’m ready to buy this guy’s CD. He hasn’t had a bad song up there yet. I can’t wait to see what he does next week.

2) Brooke – I don’t care if she started off bad, she made up for it. Put her behind her piano and keep her there. Her second great performance in 3 weeks. This week’s Every Breath You Take was nearly as good as anything she’s done so far in this competition.

3) Sayesha – Probably her best performance so far in this competition. Sings If I Were Your Woman with feeling, emotion and stayed in pitch the whole song. Please don’t ever show that creepy crying clip again. It’s just too freaky.

4) Aussie Michael – Nice double-shot of Queen with We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions. Not particularly difficult, as my wife Lynn, Judge #1, pointed out, but very, very strong vocals. Much better than the past several weeks and probably kept him on the show a while longer.

Securb, our resident beer guru and a guitarist himself, emailed me to tell me that this song is why he doesn’t like this show. And I quote: None of the guitar was there, none of Brain May’s signature licks. It was horrible. 

I pointed out that comparing this guitarist to Brian May is like comparing Aussie Michael to Freddie Mercury.

OK, I digressed for a moment, sorry.

5) Carly – Perfect voice for Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart. She almost couldn’t go wrong, but then she did. Needless, self-indulgent long run at the end that ruined the song. Randy and Paula couldn’t figure out what was wrong with the song. Um, how about the last note??? The rest of it was pretty good, and I would have listed her higher.

6) Ramiele – Despite the fact that she was sick, she still very nearly pulled off Heart’s Alone. I will say, though, that the song really was too powerful for her, even though she started off pretty well. Didn’t like the fact that she pointed out that she was sick. She think she’s going to get pity or something??

7) Chikeze – Went with a Luther ballad this time, and even though he has a good voice, it wasn’t strong enough to pull it off. Contestants seem to have this problem when they take on the BIG names: Whiney Houston, Mariah Carey, Luther Vandross, etc.. They have to really be ready to pull it off because that’s who they’re going to be compared to. Simon tells them that all the time. Chikeze just didn’t do it last night.

8- Young David – Sang some peculiar song I never heard of (which isn’t why he’s #8, but I’m not happy about that either). Simon really hit it on the head when he said it sounded like it should be in a theme park with characters. There’s really not much more that I can add to that.

9) Dreadlocks Jason – This guy gets more boring every week!! My 17 year old daughter Nikki (Judge #2) yelling “But he’s so cute” every 5 seconds doesn’t help much either. Judge #1 thought he was stoned. I just thought he was BORING. He hasn’t had a decent performance in 3 weeks. I’m ready for him to go.

10) Country Kristy – Nope, not even Lee Greenwood’s brilliant God Bless The USA is going to keep her off the bottom of my list, or hopefully keep her from getting canned tonight. She sang it well enough, barely, but hopefully America will see it for what it was: a desperate, cheap attempt to pull at heartstrings and appeal to her country music fans, patriots, (you HAVE to vote for her if you want to call yourself an American, right???), and of course, the horses of Oregon with the amazing dialing talents.