American Idol – Final 9

And  Then There Were 9

Oh Boy! A whole hour of Dolly Parton songs. How exciting! I think I would rather listen to Pip, the chipmunk from Enchanted sing for an hour. At least it would be humorous watching him act out the songs. Seriously, I never have, and never will be a Dolly Parton fan. Partly because I detest country music, partly because I think she sounds like Minnie Mouse on helium.

All of that being said, I will admit that I have never heard many of last nights song choices so I have nothing to compare them to. There were times that I was actually pleasantly surprised.

Here is the order that I think the performers fell out in:

1) Aussie Michael – After several crappy weeks, Aussie Michael is definitely back after last week’s rockin’ Queen performance and this week’s bluesy It’s All Wrong but It’s All Right. Reminded us why he’s still one of the top performers up there.

2) Rockin’ David – Took what was probably a very soft, mellow lullaby type song in Little Sparrow and showed how truly talented and versatile he is. He kept it mellow, but added the perfect hard-core edge to it to let you know it was still rock. Think Lady Starlight by the Scorpions.

3) Young David – One of his best performances since he brought everyone to tears with Imagine several weeks ago. Put the same passion and feeling into Smokey Mountain Memories. Sometimes you forget he’s only 17. I wish he’s stop grinning like an idiot while Ryan is talking to him. He still looks like he’s in shock that he’s even there.

4) Carly – Nice, slow version of Here You Come Again. Really tamed down the pop bubble-gum 80’s version and improved it. The girl’s voice is strong.

5) Brooke – Perfect song choice with Jolene. Went great with her voice and her natural style of singing. She is consistently good.

6) County Kristie – I know, I’m shocked too, but she was in her element and she was ok there. How can I put her last when she’s singing country? It bought her another week. Does a nice job with Coat of Many Colors. Older daughter Tara (Judge #3) wants to know “who does she think she is, Kelly Clarkson” with the no-shoes bit.

7) Syesha – How many times do these people have to be told, when you sing Whitney, you better bring it. She almost brought it with I Will Always Love You, but not quite. Couldn’t quite carry the long notes, but it was a nice attempt.

8 – Dreadlocks Jason – Sings a very lackluster Travelin’ Thru. He’s starting to remind me of Ricky Nelson with long hair. He really should try Garden Party. I bet he would sing it great. It’s just his style. I’m ready for him to go. And I’m tired of Judge #2 yelling about how cute he is.

9) Ramiele – For the 3rd week in a row, she is just not hitting it. Last night’s Do I Ever Cross Your Mind is actually almost as boring as her first Beatles performance of 3 weeks ago. She doesn’t seem to be into it and it’s time for her to go.