1800 Announces New 1800 Select Silver Premium Tequila

New York, NY – Proximo Spirits, Inc., a high-end spirits distributor, has announced an exciting new addition to the 1800 Tequila portfolio with the launch of its premium 1800 Select Silver. The perfect choice for partygoers, this unique spirit is a sophisticated, refreshing alternative to the predictable players behind the bar.

Made from 100% agave, 1800 Select Silver is the first 100-proof clear tequila available on the market. Reserved for only the finest tequilas, 1800 Select Silver is produced using two proprietary distillations, blended and filtered to create crystal clarity and an incredibly smooth, crisp taste. “We are pleased to expand our brand with this superior tequila. 1800 Select Silver offers drinkers an exciting experience, combining exceptional taste with the familiarity of fun,” said Elwyn Gladstone, Head of Marketing for Proximo.

Launched as a compelling, must-have spirit for the young and young at heart, 1800 Select Silver raises the bar among luxury tequilas. 1800 Select Silver is packaged in an iconic glass bottle with a stopper that doubles as a shot glass, and a rich matte black label with silver embossing for a head turning appeal. As an essential edition to any home bar, 1800 Select Silver shines as a smooth shot and is a great way to get the party started with friends.

1800 Select Silver is an exciting, new introduction to the established 1800 Tequila clan. As the latest addition to one of the most successful and legendary families of high-end tequila, 1800 Select Silver assumes its place in a family acknowledged as a distinct, authentic brand that stands the test of time.

1800 Select Silver is sold nationwide at fine spirits retailers at a cost of $29.99 for a 750 ml bottle; also available in 375 ml and l liter sizes.

About 1800 Select Silver
1800 Select Silver is the newest introduction to the 1800 Tequila franchise. Recently launched as a compelling must-have drink for the Tequila fan, 1800 Select Silver Tequila is 100 proof, 100% agave silver tequila that delivers a smooth, potent sensation to elevate any party experience. www.1800tequila.com/selectsilver

About Proximo Spirits, Inc.
Proximo Spirits is a newly formed, privately owned, premium spirits distributor based in New York. In addition to 1800 Tequila, the company portfolio includes Three Olives Vodka, Gran Centenario Tequila, as well as the exquisite Ron Matusalem Rum brand.