Genesee Brewing Company Launches ‘I Tagged Genny’ Promotion

Innovative program designed to spread excitement about Genny Light and Genny while encouraging consumer participation

ROCHESTER, N.Y., June 12 – Starting this summer, Genesee Brewing Company will be asking consumers, “Does this bikini make my can look big?” Normally, it may be considered poor form for a beer company to ask a question like this. But — with Genesee Brewing Company’s new “I Tagged Genny” promotion — anything goes.

The “I Tagged Genny” promotion is designed as a fun way to spread interest about two of the company’s heritage brews, Genny Light and Genny, while giving consumers the chance to win merchandise and prizes. The promotion invites consumers to go to to add funny, crazy, or even risque headlines to a series of vintage Genesee photos and paintings — making their own Genny Light and Genny ads. Consumers can also submit their creations at on-premise locations, making the promotion easily accessible and open to nationwide participation.

“The unique thing about Genny Light and Genny is their storied history and their relevance today,” said Patrick Magallanes, vice president of marketing, High Falls Brewing Company. “The ‘I Tagged Genny’ promotion combines these two elements to change the way consumers think about Genny Light and Genny, making the brand more appealing to the 21-34 year-old consumer.”

Everyone who enters the “I Tagged Genny” promotion will be eligible to win “I Tagged Genny” merchandise and prizes. Periodically, Genesee Brewing Company will select an entry as a first prize winner. The winner will receive an Apple(R) iMac(R), and their creation will appear as Genny Light and Genny national advertising. In addition, one grand prize winner will receive a trip for two to Las Vegas.

Consumers can enter their humorous taglines at and send them on to their friends. Participants also have the option to print their creations on t-shirts.

“We see this promotion as a great opportunity to create a viral buzz around Genny Light and Genny that will have everybody talking about the brand, and ultimately, raising the profile of these two premier heritage brews,” added Magallanes.

Genesee Brewing Company is also offering a range of on-premise and off-premise materials to support the “I Tagged Genny” promotion. An “I Tagged Genny” kit is available for on-premise that includes t-shirts, posters, coasters, postcards for mail-in entries, table tents, tear pad entry cards, and pennants. Off-premise promotional support includes a case card, static cling, and stickers on Genny Light and Genny 6- and 12-packs that drive consumers to

About Genesee Brewing Company

The Genesee Brand Portfolio is proudly owned by the High Falls Brewing Company. Founded in 1878 as the Genesee Brewing Company, the High Falls Brewing Company is based in Rochester, New York, and is the seventh largest brewer of beer in the United States. It is also one of the largest and oldest continually operating breweries in the U.S. High Falls is best known for its historic Genesee line of brands as well as its Dundee Ales & Lagers family of craft brands which includes its Original Honey Brown Lager. Through its Allied Brands division, High Falls is also America’s exclusive distributor of several imports, including Steinlager from New Zealand and Tooheys New from Australia — and also distributes Imperial from Costa Rica. The company also has brand rights for Seagram’s coolers and Smooth products and serves as a contract brewer for many well-known U.S. craft vendors.