Band Accuses Coldplay of Plagiarism -First TV interview tonight on AOTS at 7pm

Tonight on Attack of the Show, Andrew Hoepfner, frontman for the band CREAKY BOARDS, joins G4 live from New York for his first TV interview since claiming plagiarism against one of the world’s biggest bands.

The previously-unknown band made headlines earlier this week, when they accused COLDPLAY of stealing one of their songs and posted a YouTube video in an attempt to prove it:

A spokesperson for COLDPLAY told Britain’s New Musical Express (NME) “We totally refute their claims, and there are two facts that make it easy to disprove them: first, on the night in October when the band say Chris Martin was watching them, he was actually working at the Air Studio in London, and we can prove that. Second, even if he had been at the gig, Viva La Vida was written and demoed seven months before the night in question, so it couldn’t possibly have been copied.”

Does Creaky Boards have proof? Find out tonight on an all new Attack of the Show…

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