Uproar’s Re-launch Revolutionizes the Casual Gaming Experience

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Uproar.com, a popular entertainment and gaming internet brand created in 1995, has been re-launched by Firstlook. Originally a place for casual gamers to come and play free TV game shows like Family Feud and Jeopardy, Uproar’s new community-driven site helps casual gamers to easily find the best and newest online casual games.

Online casual gaming is a big business, generating more than $690 million in revenue each year. As the market has grown, it has become increasingly difficult for casual gamers – typically 25-45 year old females – to find unbiased information and advice.

“Sorting through all the information for casual gaming can be overwhelming,” states Steve Lombardi, President of Firstlook. “Uproar’s mission is to help casual gamers play more and search less.”

The new Uproar.com is the ultimate directory and review guide for casual games. While game sites can be notoriously difficult to navigate, Uproar.com provides their members with an easy-to-use, free one-stop-shop. If an Uproar user is fond of one casual game, they can find similar games by category, skill level, challenge type or even creator. In addition, the site features over 300 game summaries, community reviews, blogs, game spotlights, and expert advice.

Uproar has created virtual guides – Heather and Melissa – to help casual gamers identify the games they are most likely to enjoy. Melissa, a 29-year-old sales professional, plays online solitaire and Sudoku in between sales calls and on her lunch hour. Heather is a 37-year-old mom of three who enjoys Bejeweled, Acrophobia and Atlantis Quest. While Heather and Melissa help guide users, the hundreds of thousands of monthly users that come to Uproar.com also contribute ratings and reviews, enabling all casual gamers to have a voice.

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Uproar is owned and operated by Firstlook, an online media company that builds targeted web sites.

About Firstlook:
Firstlook is an online media company that develops and operates a network of targeted media properties. Each month, over 60,000,000 global internet users visit a web site in the Firstlook network. Firstlook properties include highly-targeted sites such as Uproar.com, LasikSurgeon.com and PremierStudentLoans.com.

For more information, visit: www.Uproar.com.