Battlefield: Bad Company pokes fun at other games

UFCJune 27, 2008 | – It seems nothing is sacred these days. In the past the Battlefield series has always been praised as a superb multi-player experience, but has always taken some flak for its bland single player. Well EA Dice has taken this criticism to heart and added a little spice to it as well.

The newest installment of Battlefield does indeed feature a much more robust, if slightly different from the normal single player experience. The story which on its face is a very serious and political one is treated very lightly, and is sometimes outright funny. And they take the time to poke fun, lightheartedly, at some video game royalty along the way.

In the below clip they take aim at the squad ordering system in Tom Clancy’s storied Rainbow Six franchise:

Next they take on Gears of Wars. Anyone who remembers the original Gears of Wars trailer and commercial instantly see the connection:

And finally on to the Metal Gear Solid franchise. In this clip the developers take aim at the stealth and hiding elements so heavily used in the games. Anyone has played the game will instantly smile at the icon:

Great stuff guys. Keep an eye out for the TMRZoo review coming soon.