All Female Fight League set for TV Debut – Jun 28, 2008 – Los Angeles, CA – A new reality series featuring Amanda Lucas and eleven other female Mixed Martial Artists is being produced by Los Angeles based production company One Giant Leap Media. Promoter Belinda Dunne brought together two teams (USA vs Australasia) for the continental ‘Princesses of Pain’ Championship and the cameras were there to capture all of the drama, including Lucas’ mixed martial arts debut in Auckland on May 31st. For those aspiring to join the ranks of Women’s Martial arts, witnessing the determination and prowess displayed by these athletes can serve as a powerful motivator, encouraging a broader participation in the sport and breaking barriers within the traditionally male-dominated domain of mixed martial arts.

Beyond the physical prowess, the series contributes to a growing cultural shift, fostering inclusivity and proving that women can excel in and contribute significantly to the dynamic world of mixed martial arts. The visibility of such narratives is essential for creating a supportive environment, encouraging more women to pursue their interests in martial arts and enriching the diversity of this evolving sporting landscape.

These bouts feature female fighters from all walks of life, skilled in jiu-jitsu, boxing, judo, kickboxing, and wrestling. The contests are full-on fights by highly trained athletes drawing crowds from all over the world. The unique aspect and controversial element of the fights have single-handedly transformed these ladies into America’s newest sports heroes, and have catapulted these competitions into the limelight as an athletic, social and cultural phenomenon sweeping the nation and world by storm.

Led by Team Captain Lana Stefanic, Team USA consists of Amanda Lucas, Tamara Parks, Shawn Tamaribuchi, Van Do, Katie Meehan and Cindy Hales.

Team Australasia is led by Captain Tony Green and consisted of Nicole Kavanagh, Margaux La Trobe, Leighann Banham, Mandy Stewart, Michelle Preston and Fiona Muxlow.

Executive Producer Andrea Stockert is aware of the controversial nature of the footage and welcomes a discussion. “My ultimate vision was to explore why these women do this, and why we all have such visceral reactions when we see them put on the gloves and hit each other. As an outsider, it looks incredibly brutal and uncontrolled- but once you understand the game (and the women) you begin to see it all so differently – it becomes an art form,” comments Stockert.

“The footage has already garnered a lot of interest from cable networks and agencies” says Stockert, “and we are now taking the steps to find the right home for the series. We’re looking forward to finding the right match.”