American Idol – Final 7

And Then There Were 7

 I really had no idea what to expect when I heard that Mariah Carey was the guest coach on Idol last night.  My first thought was, how are any of these contestants going to sing Mariah songs when the judges are always telling them that they have to be individuals and they have to stand on their own?  Of course they’re going to be compared to Mariah when they’re singing her songs, and here they’re being forced to sing them.  Good luck. 

 Then I spent about three seconds scanning my brain for all the Mariah Carey songs I actually knew and what songs each contestant might sing.   Didn’t come up with much, except if Brooke White didn’t sing Hero, I’d eat my shirt. 

 Overall, I was pleasantly surprised at how good most of the singers were.  What follows is how I think the contestants did, from best to worst:

 1)      Rocker David – There is a point in every Idol season where you just turn to whoever you’re watching with and say, “He /she just won this season”.  I think that moment came last night for Rocker David singing a version of Always Be My Baby  that you could hear on the radio today.  This guy is ready to put out a CD TODAY!  Tell me when it goes on sale.  I want one. 


The next several people could all be easily interchangeable:

2)      Young David – Kicks off the show with When You Believe, a song I’m really not familiar with.  Sounds a little off-key in the beginning, but picks it up towards the middle and has a nice finish.  No where as good as the judges say he is.  Maybe I’m missing something?


3)      Carly – As always, Carly went for another big song.  If I gave it more than the aforementioned 3 seconds I probably could have predicted that she would have selected Without You.  It really was a perfect song choice for her, and like last week’s Queen song, this one also gave her the opportunity to show her range and vocal strength.  She most definitely sang better than last week, especially the runs, where she’s at her best, but she is still not what you think she can, or should be.

 4)     Brooke – Back where she belongs, sitting behind the piano.  There really was no other song for her to sing but Hero.  Sadly, it was not her best performance as she seemed to “folk” it down some.  The way she sang it, it easily could have been mistaken for a Joan Baez or Carol King song. It really lacked much of the passion that the song requires and that Mariah gives it. 


 5)     Country Kristy – I’m not sure who I was listening to when she sang, Forever (wailed) this song.  I’m really getting tired of listening to her turn every song she sings into a country ballad.  All I kept thinking was that there was no way she was going to be compared to Mariah Carey.  She sounded more like Patsy Kline.


6)      Dreadlocks Jason – Sang another Mariah song I never heard before, I Don’t Wanna Cry, and made it thoroughly boring and Jason-like as possible.  Judge #2, Nikki said besides being so cute he’s also very relaxing in a very Jack Johnson-like way.  Good for him.  I don’t like Jack Johnson either. 


7)      Syesha – Did a ballad called Fantasy that involved some pretty good screaming and wailing on her part.  Actually, I think she was just having some problems with the stronger parts of the song that she couldn’t handle, but it may prove to be her demise.