Manning Brothers ‘Take Their Licks’ in First-Ever Oreo Double Stuf Racing League Competition

And you thought it was just a commercial…

Dayton, Ohio Resident Dallas Davis Sr. and Teammate Dallas Davis Jr. Are The League’s Lucky Lickers And Take Home $10,000 Grand Prize

NEW ORLEANS, July 10 / — Proud Oreo Double Stuf Racing League founding members Peyton and Eli Manning closed out the inaugural season of their “second sport” the same way it all started … with a “twist, lick and dunk.” In the first-ever DSRL “Lick Race,” the famous football brothers lick raced with 10 finalist duos on their hometown turf in New Orleans. Dallas Davis Sr. of Dayton, Ohio and Dallas Davis Jr. of Dayton, Ohio completed the classic cookie and milk ritual fastest and took home the $10,000 grand prize.

The national promotion was announced as part of the Oreo DSRL’s official launch in January 2008, when the Manning brothers invited friends and families across the country to become members of the DSRL for a chance to lick with them during the New Orleans finale competition. The 10 finalist pairs conducted a “lick race” to see who could finish an Oreo Double Stuf cookie and single glass of milk first. Football legend and father Archie Manning and proud mother Olivia served as grand marshals for the competition, which took place at the brothers’ high school.

“An Oreo Double Stuf lick race is all in the spirit of having fun,” said Eli Manning. “My brother and I love seeing these groups of families and friends come out to share in this excitement and we’re thrilled that Oreo asked us to be a part of this experience with them.”

“Eli and I had a blast together in this famous twisting, licking and dunking competition. We hope more Oreo lovers from all around the country will join the league to make the next DSRL lick race even bigger and better,” added Peyton.

About The DSRL Champions

Dallas Davis Sr., a 50 year-old man and Oreo lover from Dayton, Ohio entered the competition by finding the contest online and was shocked he actually won a chance to compete in the finals! Dallas Davis Sr. chose his son Dallas Davis Jr. to be his racing partner in the “Lick Race” and the duo trained hard knowing they had to lick other DSRL competitors at their own game. They completed all five steps of the lick race before the other teams in order to take home the DSRL title.

“It is not every day you get to compete on the Mannings’ home turf, so my son and I really focused our training on preparing for this big event,” said Davis Sr. “It was so much fun to be able to join the DSRL ourselves and even more fun coming to New Orleans and competing!”

Twist, Lick and Dunk

The DSRL is a fun activity that anyone can enjoy. The only real “equipment” needed is an Oreo Double Stuf cookie, a single glass of milk and someone to compete against. To start the race, each person twists their cookie open and licks off all the creme. Then, each person shows their cookie to their opponent, dunks it, eats it and drinks the glass of milk. The first to finish wins!

Timeless Tradition

With its “twisting, licking and dunking” ritual, “Oreo and Milk” is a classic combination that has brought families and friends together for more than 95 years. For more information on the Oreo Double Stuf Racing League and to become an official member of the league, visit