New Music From Rock Band ism Makes Us Look At Ourselves A Little Closer

Urgency, the 2nd album by New York based band ism, is a nice blend of rock and electronica. ism is somewhat reminiscent of many of the Alternative Rock bands from the 80’s & 90’s, including U2 and REM.

In a recent interview with web site Rock is Life, lead singer and guitarist Andrew Mistier has described the ism’s music as “…an intelligent and soaring blend of rock and electronic music into a new sound of its own. Bits of Radiohead, U2, Depeche Mode, Muse and later day Nine Inch Nails. Like the end of the world on a sunny day.”

Nearly every song on the album forces one to look at the world they live in and consider where they stand in it. The album’s first release, Sacred Cows, is a very good example of that with lyrics “Does it feel like old and gray/Does is feel like wastin’ away/Does it feel like you can’t see/When you’re called on to be free.” The track features searing guitar, some great drum riffs, and very good lead vocals that immediately bring to mind U2’s Bono.

ism is made up of frontman Andre Mistier on guitar, Mike Higgins on drums, Gerard Toriello on lead guitar, and Leigh Battle on bass.

The CD will be released by STM Records on August 5th.