New CNBC show “American Originals: Budweiser”

“American Originals: Budweiser” will premiere on CNBC on Thursday, July 17th at 9PM and 12AM. The show will re-air at the followings times/dates (All Times are in ET):

Sunday, July 20th 10PM
Sunday, July 27th 12AM
Monday, July 28th 9PM/12AM

“American Originals: Budweiser” taps into the beer industry, as CNBC reveals how Anheuser-Busch cultivated its Budweiser brand to remain a leader even as it was losing market share. CNBC gained unprecedented access in order to show viewers how Budweiser executives built the brand and how they respond to one of their most challenging issues yet: how to battle relentless competition from exotic brands from overseas and microbreweries as well as favorite local brands and other national beers. The fate of the last of the independent American beer brands is at stake and CNBC shows you what is being done to maintain market share lead.