American Idol: Week 2

And then there were 10…

I like the 70’s theme night.  There were some good songs last night.  At least it was way better than the ridiculousness they picked for 60’s night.  I didn’t feel like I just stepped into a bad movie from 1962.

So riddle me this, Batman.  How does the best male vocalist since the competition started last month turn in such a forced, pitchy, out of tune performance?  You know I’m talking about Aussie Michael who sang a not too good “Go Your Own Way” by Fleetwood Mac.  Judge #1, my wife, said it just wasn’t his night. She ain’t kidding.  He’s way too good to get booted, though. 

Luke talked about being in an accappela group and gave the tease that he was going to be great.  He was merely OK.  The problem really was song choice.  When you tackle a giant like Freddy Mercury (my all-time favorite male vocalist, in case you care), you better bring it.  Luke didn’t quite bring it.  He stayed in falsetto way too long and it really ruined a great song.

Jason with the Dreads:  Andy Gibb.  Please.  There’s about 5000 better songs to choose.  And he didn’t even do it well.  I have nothing else to say.

Robbie did a lousy job with Hot Blooded.  BORING

Chinese sounded great doing a song I never heard before by Donnie Hathaway.  He really has a smooth voice that sounds 100% different than it did last week.  I’m glad he made it through last week.

Danny was OK doing Superstar.  Nowhere near as strong as Ruben a couple of years ago, but not too bad.  Unfortunately, Ruben has set the new bar for that song and people will have a tough time reaching it.

All 3 Davids had a really good night (I’ve renamed them all):
Young David who sang Imagine was awesome, especially for a 17 year old kid.  I don’t know what it is about that song that really gets to people like it does.  Yeah, it’s a great song, but I’m not sure if it ever made me cry.  Of course, Paula could have had rum in her Coke cup again.

David the Crooner who sang Papa was a Rolling Stone also did a great job with a great song.  He’s going to go far in this competition. 

And David the Rocker who sang All Right Now by Free had his 2nd great week in a row.

Going home:  Robbie and Jason with the Dreads