Obamanator and more beer specials on tap in Denver for the Democratic National Convention – DNC.

The Wynkoop Brewery is getting ready to unleash their Obamanator Maibock Lager. Logo recently released.

The Denver Chophouse & Brewery at 1735 19th St., Denver reports that they will be tapping their Rescue Red Lager soon (if not already) for the Fire Chiefs Convention and it will be their beer special for the month. Kevin Marley, Chop’s Brewmaster says it’s light and flavorful with easy caramel notes and a low hop profile.

They will also be pouring four of their house brewed lagers and five ales.

Lagers: Chophouse Pilsner, Dortmunder (a German-style light lager), Dark Munich, and their Rescue Red.

Ales: Chophouse Belgian Wit, Irish-style Red Ale, American Pale Ale, Dry Stout and their bold Wild Turkey Barrel-aged Bourbon Stout.

Bonus for DNC convention credential holders at the Chophouse: Show your credentials and enjoy $3 pints.