No Doubt About Our Beer Being Sexy

 Northern California Beer Corporation Says No Doubt About Our Beer Being Sexy

Redding, CA March 18, 2005 – Great Sex Brewing, Inc. (GSB) owners Doug and Jeff Talbot give beer drinkers a sexy tongue-in-cheek name to play with when ordering, or interact with online at their entertaining and informative website:, recently launched to bolster recognition and growth.

Doug and Jeff say, “Fun is unlimited when customers ask, ‘May I have some Great Sex please?” What gets served up is an ice-cold bottle of Adam & Eve Ale wrapped in a handsome artful label of the timeless “Garden of Eden” theme. “You can’t believe the endless variety of double-entendre sayings patrons are coming up with, decree the ( Gemütliche Brothers ) —- it’s just hilarious. And people keep telling us, ‘This beer is great’.” Doug and Jeff are happy with these positive responses but are not surprised. “We can all use more humor in our lives —- smiles equate with healthy hearts. What could be more relaxing for adults than enjoying an excellent beer while having some imaginative fun at the same time. Our choice ale presents a clean, crisp, slightly sweet flavor—-coupled with the surprising kick of 6% abv, you’re in for a rare treat.”

The Talbots say, “GSB’s timely entry into the microbrew arena is perfect. It provides a quality product enhanced by a sexy universal theme, appealing to both young and mature consumers, at a time when the beer industry is experiencing lost market ground to the wine and distilled spirits competition. This beer received instant recognition by placing second in a national contest for its slogan: ‘Brewed with Love…Consumed with Passion’.”

Adam & Eve Ale, produced in Roseville, CA, is available to 15 Northern California counties including the San Francisco Bay Area and is expanding. The website features the corporation’s marketing/partnership strategy; brewing/distribution networks; affiliate brand methodology and merchandise.

Adam and Eve of the Month Contest. GSB is hosting a national competition for prizes that calls for participants to submit imaginative tasteful photos along with their sayings. Winners will be featured on the website. Interested individuals are invited to enter the contest online or by mail. Consult contest rules at:

Accompanying Great Sex Brewing’s genesis into the alcohol beverage industry is long-established Redding, CA business, T-Shirts Unlimited (, owned by Boris Potetenieff. They will exclusively produce and distribute GSB apparel for the international marketplace.

About Great Sex Brewing, Inc.
GSB contract brews its unique Adam & Eve Ale recipe. By engaging the malt beverage market in the inherent humor of its brand, and partnering with quality-minded craft brewers with excess capacity, GSB has expanded throughout Northern California and into Nevada. For more information contact: Jeff Talbot at 1-530-275-2705 or visit the website ( )