Veltins, One of Germany’s Top Pils, Debuts in Massachusetts

Littleton, Colo… Veltins, one of Germany’s most popular Pilsners, is available for the first time ever in Massachusetts. The Horseshoe Pub in Hudson recently became the first account in the Bay State to offer Veltins light, hoppy, clean taste. Horseshoe Pub Owner Nick Pizzimento, reports that the first Veltins Keg sold out in less than two days. Horseshoe Pub customers are discovering what Pils lovers worldwide already know – Veltins is one of the best tasting Pils around. Worldwide sales of Veltins have grown more than 30 percent in the past six years.

Veltins credits its excellent flavor and success with two elements: the soft spring water from the hills around Grevenstein as well as the German Purity law of 1516. The late Beer Hunter, Michael Jackson said: “While Pilsner-style beers from Bavaria can be quite big and relatively malty, and those from the far north extremely hoppy, Sauerland examples have tended to be hop-accented but well balanced. Veltins Pils fits into that category, but with elements of its own.”


Veltins is imported and marketed in the USA by Distinguished Brands (DBI) of Littleton, Colo.