A night in the kitchen

Ok, so I took a long time off from blogging, writing, etc mainly doing some random beer drinking, home brewing, and of course beer pairing. But this post will be short and sweet until I can actually get my thoughts together and put a more detailed piece for you guys to read.So the other day I was in the kitchen making dinner and I decided to make some roasted pork loin with a Southern tier “choklat sauce” paired with some Brussel sprouts cooked with a little bit of butter and Duvel and some whipped cheddar mashed potatoes. I paired this with a Canadian delight from Unibroue called La Seigneuriale a Belgian Strong Ale and I must say I was pleased with the match.

One of the main things I try to accomplish with my cooking is it has to be quick and very easy. I don’t have all day to be sweating in my kitchen when I’d rather be drinking a beer and watching a game or playing with my daughter. So how did I make the pork with no fuss, easy all my meat is “pre-seasoned” I usually buy a big loin of pork or chicken breasts with the bone on and marinate them on Sunday and put them in freezer bags so all I have to do is “set it and forget it”.

Here is how the meal was completed, I took the unfrosted pork loin put it in the Rotis and let that roast for 45 minutes. As that is roasting I take my Brussels Sprout give them a quick wash put a dab of butter in a sauté pan with about a cup or more depending on your liking of Duvel and let that simmer until tender (about 20 mins).

Then while those things were working I went to town on peeling the potatoes and put them in the steamer. I like to steam my potatoes instead of boiling them helps to keep a good consistency for the mashing and prevent them from turning to glue. Then I turned my eyes on quickly making a sauce for the pork. I had some Southern Tier Choklat in the fridge and I think that flavors in stouts go very well with pork. So I put about 12 oz of beer in a sauce pan with about a tbsp of butter and a bit of brown sugar and seasoned with salt and pepper to taste as it reduced to syrup consistency over 5 minutes.

The chocolate, brown sugar and creamy consistency of the beer made the sauce very rich and delicious, what a great pairing with the pork and Belgian Strong ale. I’ll have to start writing down some of these recipes for future reference but for now that is all for me and I’ll make sure not to take such a long break again. Over the next few weeks I’ll be heading to the Extreme Beer Fest here in Boston, MA and to a rare beer night with some of my beer buddies and will have to report some of the goodies I’ve had and what successful pairings I’ve had.