Michelob Dunkel Weisse – Hands On Preview

(September 2nd 2008 – TMRZoo.com) Scheduled to be released this month this great version of a German Classic caught me a little off guard. I was slightly disappointed by the twist off top. Still this beer was brewed for the Michelob drinker who would be expecting this convenience. The color is a rich brown almost the color of a dirty penny with a very light brown head. The aroma is of clove and banana. The mouthfeel is medium with a spicy yeast finish and with a tiny bite in the carbonation.

As you sit back and sip the noble hops become more and more pronounced and the beer gets increasingly bitter and tasty.

I know I have been giving the AB beers a lot of props lately but this is simply because AB are doing a lot of things right.

Don’t take my word for it the AB slamming beer geeks and beer bloggers of the world are giving this beer high marks. It is also getting fairly good marks from the handful of raters that have rated this beer on BeerAvocate.com

As the beer warms the tart fruit becomes a bit more pronounced. This is a great surprise because some beers loose all character as they warm. So it looks like AB has another winner, maybe the Belgium connection will bring a few more styles to the Michelob line. For now we have a solid fall beer.