Dogfish Head 2009 Beer Release Schedule

 Year Round Beers:– 90 Minute IPA
– 60 Minute IPA
– Raison D’Etre
– Indian Brown Ale
– Palo Santo Marron
– Midas Touch Golden Elixir


Seasonal Beers:

– Spring: Aprihop (available in March & April)
– Summer: Festina Peche (available in June & July)
– Autumn: Punkin’ Ale (available in September & October)
– Winter: Chicory Stout (available in December)

Occasional Rarities (limited quantites, while supplies last):

– 120 Minute IPA (available in January, May & September)
– Burton Baton (available in March, July & November)
– Red & White (available in January & February)
– Black & Blue (available in March & April)
– BRAND X (will be available in April & May, but we’re not ready yet to tell you what it’ll be!)
– Immort Ale (available in April & May)
– Chateau Jiahu (available in June & July)
– Theobroma (available in July & August)
– Pangaea (available in September & October)
– Olde School Barleywine (available in October & November)
– World Wide Stout (available in November & December)
– Fort (available in November & December)

**Please note… we base our availability estimates with assumptions on when orders are placed and deliveries are made by our distributor and retail partners. We cannot guarantee retail dates for any of our beers. Please visit your favorite beer store, bar or restaurant for the latest on when they will have Dogfish beers available. thanks!