Katrina Darrell, American Idol’s “Bikini Girl”, Pics and Video

bikini girl!The odds are that millions of warm-blooded American males happened to miss last night’s debut episode of American Idol. I almost did myself until I was called from the family room by my wife to “check this chick out.”

“That” chick was American Idol contestant Katrina Darrell, and she performed her audition in nothing other than a bikini, high heels… oh, and her number. I was very appreciative of my wife to share with me such “talent.” Katrina appears to be the first viral American Idol contestant this season, for obvious reasons. I’m sure the search engines are being lit up with her name this morning.

Below is the best pic we could find from her audition as well as a quick promo piece on her AI appearance and a video of a modeling photoshoot. Since Ms. Darrell did make it past the first round of auditions, we’re going to see her at least one more time… or should I say, see what she WON’T be wearing during the next round of auditions. If we come across any more pictures, we’ll be sure to post the photos for you… then we’ll post her Playboy pictoral for you by the end of the year.

bikini girl!



Check out the first preview from our in-house American Idol expert, Neil, here.