An Open Letter To Commissioner Goodell: Let The Dolphins Back In The Playoffs.

I am calling shenanigans. I think they need to cancel today’s playoff game and look into how the Ravens have been winning. I think Joe Flacco is actually Sylar from the TV show Heroes. It would make a lot of sense. Has no one but me noticed that this is the same guy?

With Sylar at the Quarterback position any team is unstoppable. Even a team with no Wide Receivers and a mediocre Tight End like Todd Heap.

For those of you unfamiliar with the hit show Heroes Sylar is a super villain that has the ability to steal other superheroes or villains powers. Thus during the course of the show Sylar has been compiling many abilities that would help on the field of play.

Flacco has been has been hit pretty hard this year and not once have I see this kid limp of even ice anything down. We all know that Sylar has Clair Bennett’s ability to heal herself. Could Flacco be benefiting from the same power? I think so.

Sylar also had the power of Precognition, the ability to accurately predict future events through paintings. I have seen Flacco on the sidelines with a notepad. I can tell if his eyes go all white but I am sure there is something going on there.

If Joe Flacco if that’s who he is has absorbed Matt the cop’s powers well then it is game over. Not only will he be able to read the defenses’ minds but he will be able to redirect them. Advantage Baltimore.

The one power I know he used in the Miami Wildcard game was The Haitian’s ability to wipe out a person’s memory. There were times during that game when Chad Pennington forgot what color his team’s jerseys were and started throwing the ball to the Ravens. I know Flacco had something to do with that.

Based on my preliminary research Roger Goodell needs to put a stop to today’s game while this can be further investigated. Unless of course Roger is also working for “The Company’ and in that case we will never get justice. In his heart Roger knows there were some shenanigans and the Dolphins should be the team taking the field today.