UFC 96: Jackson vs. Jardine Results From MMAWeekly.com

video inside post – Gray Maynard vs. Jim Miller

R1- Miller stalks Maynard around the cage to start the fight, eventually getting the clinch. Back in the center, Maynard connects with a good combo. Miller still moving forward and he goes for a single leg which Maynard defends. Miller presses forward again, and locks up Maynard’s leg, but can’t finish the takedown. Miller goes for an uppercut, but is met with Maynard’s overhand punch and as he engages again at the end of the round, Maynard again clocks him with a good punch.

R2- Miller again very aggressive this round, but Maynard is still landing the better punches. Maynard begins to step forward and lands a nice combination as Miller’s face is lit up, red with blood. Miller goes for a takedown and then tries to pull guard, but Maynard stands back up. Maynard is hitting Miller with very solid punches as the New Jersey fight still moves forward.

R3- Both fighters are more tentative in this round, Miller still pacing forward and Maynard defending. Maynard lands a nice takedown and Miller quickly goes for a kneebar, but Mayanrd slips out and stands back up. Miller shoots in for a leg and Maynard sprawls out and Miller turtles and eventually rolls over as Maynard starts his ground attack. Back on the feet again as Maynard circles away and Miller tries to engage, but the fight end.

Gray Maynard def. Jim Miller by unanimous decision (30-27 on all judges’ scorecards)

– Matt Hamill vs. Mark Munoz

R1- Hamill going after Munoz early, and then stuffs two consecutive shots from his opponent. Hamill still going forward and lands a nice right hand on Munoz against the cage. Munoz continuously tries to throw an overhand right that Hamill blocks. Hamill throws a right high kick that blasts Munoz in the head, sending him crashing to the mat.

Matt Hamill def. Mark Munoz by KO (head kick) at 3:53, R1

– Matt Brown vs. Pete Sell

R1- Brown comes out and immediately starts hitting Sell with everything in his arsenal. Brown hits a right hand that sends Sell down the mat. Confusion ensues after the referee seemed to stop the fight, but it continues with an absolute onslaught from Brown. Brown comes forward and unloads on Sell with punches and kicks and eventually the New Yorker crumbles to the mat. Brown blasts him with 2 more punches and the referee mercifully stops the fight.

Matt Brown def. Pete Sell by TKO (punches) at 1:32, R1

– Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Shane Carwin

R1- Gonzaga lands a nice punch to open the round and then lands a quick single leg takedown on Carwin. The fighters get back to the feet and Carwin blasts Gonzaga with a huge right hand that puts the Brazilian down and out on the mat.

Shane Carwin def. Gabriel Gonzaga by KO at 1:09, R1

– Quinton Jackson vs. Keith Jardine

R1- Rampage charges across and instigates a clinch immediately. The fighters separate and Jardine tries to stick and move, while Jackson pursues him around the cage. Both fighters very tentative, but Rampage eventually connects with a glancing blow. Rampage stays aggressive and lands a few more shots in a very close round.

R2- Jardine starts to throw his kicks more effectively in this round. Rampage and Jardine continue to trade until Jackson lands a big right hand that sends Jardine down to the ground. Rampage tries to finish, but Jardine gets his wits back and the fight is back up. Rampage goes for and lands a nice takedown, but quickly they are back up again. Jardine starts to fire back and has Jackson stunned, but he recovers as well. Jackson stays aggressive for the rest of the round as the fighters exchange against the cage to close it out. Another very close round.

R3- Jackson and Jardine trade shots to open the third. Rampage shoots in and gets a quick takedown on Jardine, but he gets back to his feet. After a few exchanges on the feet, Jardine goes for a takedown, but its stuffed by Rampage and the fighters clinch briefly agianst the cage. Rampage land a few heavy shots that have Jardine backing up and he circles away. Rampage land a big punch that puts Jardine down as the fight comes to an end.

Quinton Jackson def. Keith Jardine by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)