R.I.P. Smuttynose Portsmouth Lager

Star Single BottleIntroducing Our New Star Island Single:
On Monday we bottled our first line extension in years: Star Island Single.  This is a beer that we’ve been talking about brewing for over a year, in fact you may have already tried the draft version.  Several trains of thought converged in the decision process to arrive at this style. 

Our first concern was accessibility.  We really wanted a beer that would appeal to a person just getting into craft beer as well our loyal customers looking for a lighter style.  With so much emphasis on Extreme Beers there has been a growing undercurrent of desire for what we like to call session beers. 

Star Island Single is our offering into this realm.  The beer itself is our take on a Belgian style single ale brewing to around 5% ABV with generous amounts of Honey Malt as well as Demerara sugar used to lighten the body.  The yeast is our house Belgian strain that adds subtle fruitiness that we’ve balanced with a dash of coriander.  As we’ve been drinking the trial batches we’ve become more and more exited about how this beer is turning out.  Hopefully you’ll  enjoy it as well.
David Yarrington, Executive Brewer
Note: Please join us for the official launch of Star Island Single at the Press Room in Portsmouth on Thursday, March 26th, starting at six.

Ports LagerWhat about Portsmouth Lager?
Rumor about the fate of our Portsmouth Lager have been swirling around for the better part of a year, and now we can say the rumors were true: we have in fact “retired” Portmouth Lager from our full time lineup. This was a difficult decision to make, but a necessary one.

For some background about this beer, which we released for the first time in 1998, as well as more information about our decision to phase it out, check out Peter’s blog – Smuttynose Tavern.