Howard Stern Premieres “Strip Beer Pong” on Howard TV On Demand

Becky takes her shotHoward Stern is known as a game-changer. Once again, the media icon is pushing the envelope, this time with a twist on a favorite American bar game: Strip Beer Pong. The exclusive new three-part series, created by Stern’s Howard TV On Demand channel, will premiere on Thursday, April 23. The series is hosted by Shuli, a comedian and reporter at Howard 100 News on Sirius XM Radio. In this Howard TV version of a Beer Pong Tournament, Howard Stern Show staff members are paired in teams with adorable dancers from Rick’s Cabaret, who disrobe piece by piece as (or IF) the opposing team scores points.

Over the past few years, Beer Pong has certainly grown in popularity around the country, spawning a National League, online versions, an official website, official Beer Pong tables, numerous blogs and celebrity players. Howard TV’s Strip Beer Pong is an eight-team, single elimination tournament where the winning team receives a cash prize and a one of a kind HTV Strip Beer Pong Trophy. In Strip Beer Pong, official Beer Pong rules apply, except for one crucial detail; three of each team’s cups are pink and dubbed “Strip Cups.”

The Stern Show crew and their stripper counterparts

According to Howard TV executive producer, Doug Z. Goodstein, “We had to find a sport where competitors who lack any athletic ability; a nerdy mumbler, an old man and gorgeous girls could all compete on a level playing field. Howard TV On Demand’s Strip Beer Pong fit the bill. It capitalizes on the increasing popularity of Beer Pong but with the added spice that only Howard TV could add. We hope it catches on!”

The competition heats up as the eight teams vie for the trophy. Each team consists of a staff member from the Howard Stern Show – some with questionable sporting ability – and a Rick’s Cabaret dancer, some of whom show enviable athletic prowess. The tournament is accompanied by weighty and serious whispered play-by-play commentators (much like the top golf announcers), actually Host Shuli and some of the players who join him in the broadcast booth, to call opponent’s matches.

The Beer Pong teams are as follows:
Jason Kaplan/Rosy
Scott “The Engineer” Salem/Sky
Will Murray/Becky
Ronnie “The Limo Driver” Mund/Avalon
Ralph Cirella/Randi
Tracey Millman/Mark
Steve Brandano/Darien
J.D. Harmeyer/Beverly

As an added attraction for fans, has developed a fun, interactive “Virtual Strip Beer Pong Game.” Anyone can log on and play without ever getting a hangover.

Here are some additional photos from the event. All photos are courtesy of Chris Gagliardi/Howard TV On Demand:

Becky Wunder - Miss Howard TV for May 2009

Shuli and the girls


Rick’s Cabaret Girl, Sky, gets comfortable on the Beer Pong Table.

Strip Beer Pong is the next chapter of Howard TV’s off beat sports shows. The first one was Bowling Beauties in which bikini-clad ladies competed in high-heeled bowling shoes. It received much acclaim when it premiered in May, 2008.

HOW TO PLAY: Each side of the beer pong table has 10 cups filled (about one-third of the way) with beer and arranged in a triangular form, like bowling pins. If Team A successfully makes a shot (by throwing a ping pong ball) into Team B’s cup, then a member from Team B must drink from that cup. However, Howard TV has added a special twist to the traditional beer pong game: three of each team’s cups are pink “Strip Cups.” If Team A sinks a shot into Team B’s “Strip Cup,” then Team B’s stripper must remove an item of clothing. If one team hits all three “Strip Cups,” the result is the other team’s stripper getting topless. The first team to clear all 10 of their opponent’s cups wins. The losing team is eliminated.

The series will be available on Howard TV On Demand until the end of May, 2009.

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