TMR Music Review – Texas Hippie Coalition – Pride Of Texas

THCvideo inside post If you haven’t heard of these guys yet, hold on to your ass, because you are about to be blown away. These guys fill a void that has been empty since December 8, 2004.

For those of you unfamiliar of the date that is the day a psychopath scumbag shot down Dimebag Darrell Abbott in cold blood. Coming from the same metal circuit as Pantera there are often comparisons drawn between the two bands. Let me tell you THC are their own band and in no way are a Pantera rip.

The double guitar attack of Randy Cooper and Michael Hayes remind me of Judas Priest’s K.K. Downes and Glenn Tipton more than they do Pantera. The double guitar attack is fluid and they complement each other perfectly instead of a constant guitar battle erupting for the spotlight. Keeping in mind these guys are a hell of a lot heavier than JP.

The vocals for the metal quintet are supplied by Big Daddy Ritch. This guy is Texas. Ritch is a big ass Texas redneck and there is no assumption this guy doesn’t take any shit. As big as his presence is his voice. His unique vocal styling have a muted back of the throat rumbling which he rotates with some classic in your face metal bellowing.

When Ritch blasts out the lyric to “Pissed Off And Mad About It” it makes you wonder, “Who was he pissed off at and is that person still alive?”

The band is rounded out by John Exall on the bass guitar and Scott Lytle on the drums who together form a freight train like rhythm section the is the sonic foundation that this band is built on.

So if you are a fan of Pantera, BLS or even some of the old school metal like Black Sabbath or Ted Nugent. Do yourself a favor and head over to CD Baby or Amazon to buy a copy of this fantastic disk. You won’t be disappointed there isn’t a single bad track on it. No fluff, all metal.

Keep in mind when I say buy it, please support the band and buy it. Don’t download it from a torrent. The last thing you need is Big Daddy Ritch showing up at your door Pissed Off And Mad About It. Also if you download you won’t get the killer companion DVD of the band performing their songs live a great surprise and a killer bonus disk.

Definitely add this to your collection you won’t be sorry you did.