Fats that Burn Fat

By Dominick Walsh

Fats that Burn Fat?? This may sound like a contradiction but the research on CLA and other healthy fats is clear. Healthy fats can promote the body’s use of fat as fuel, changing the body’s fuel source from carbohydrates and protein, allowing it to tap into fats as a source of energy.

These fats promote two actions within the body. The first is the breakdown of fatty acids allowing them to get into the blood stream to be used as fuel. The second is to keep excess calories from being stored as body fat.

One of our favorite products is Olio. This product combines CLA, Olive, Flax, and Fish Oil. This blend of healthy fats not only promotes weight loss but is good for you as well. If you haven’t seen all the press on omega 3 (fish, flax oil) fats you will soon. These fats promote heart health buy keeping cholesterol levels low, and reducing inflammation.

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