TMR Book Review: The Maxims of Manhood; 100 Rules Every Man Must Live By

Here we are, almost a decade into the 21st century. Times have changed and we need new guidelines to go by. Jeff Wilser’s The Maxims of Manhood fills this role. Wilser gives us 100 rules for the modern man to live by.

Wilser covers every part of our daily lives: women, sports, sex, the office, family, entertainment, fashion, and fitness. Each section has ten new Maxims, all with examples and exceptions. Know who’s pitching. Your dog should be larger than a toaster. Outperform the GPS. And the always important, keep an empty urinal between you and the next guy.

These maxims are offered in a funny, insightful manner that makes you say, yeah, I would do that. Every man can relate to nearly every one of these in one way or another.

In the foreword, Wilser explains that this book might not be for you. It’s only intended for people who fall into one of these seven buckets: 1) you are a man; 2) you will become a man; 3) you were once a man; 4) you are related to a man; 5) you are dating or have married a man; 6) you think that in the future, perhaps, you will date or marry a man; 7) you know, or think that at some point you will know–whether casually or formally–a man.

This book will give you a rule for any occasion. From underdrink the boss to never ask another man how you look, this book covers any situation the average guy might find themselves in.

The book is designed so you can open to any page and read that particular Maxim. They are in no particular order, other than sectioned by category.

Wilser has succeeded in redefining how we see ourselves, in a very humorous, self-deprecating way. There are points in the book that are laugh-out-loud funny. You will find passages in here that will make you want to call your friends and say, “Hey, I just read about you in a book”, and share it with them.

Jeff Wilser has been a regular online contributor to sites like GQ, MTV, and VH1, writing about dating, sex, nightlife, and pop culture. He’s met many men.

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