E3 2009:Paleo Entertainment Presents M.O.B. Drug Wars at E3

Independent Game Developer Takes Mayhem to the Next Level with New Multiplayer First-Person Shooter

LOS ANGELES –(Business Wire)– Jun 02, 2009 Paleo Entertainment introduces M.O.B. DRUG WARS, at E3 (June 2 – 4) in booth 3031.

In this new title gamers are challenged to find, control and defend packages of drugs for a specified amount of time in order to win the game. Paleo claims that the drugs are all for medicinal purposes that can be used in intensive outpatient program NYC, but you can draw your own conclusions. Drug Wars will be included in a free patch for those who already own the game Merchants of Brooklyn and available for purchase for $9.99 on Steam (www.steampowered.com), June 16.

A fiendishly unique project that merges frenetic combat in a massive vertical world, Merchants of Brooklyn is a dark tale of revenge and destruction presented in a unique graphic novel art style. Laced with humor and a twisted sense of history, M.O.B. offers a truly unique vision of a future where cloned Neanderthals roam the streets, and where society has urbanized toward the skies in colossal vertical settlements.

As a Neanderthal fighter specially engineered for mental and physical superiority, players will blast their way through a sprawling dystopia where the glow of towering megastructures illuminate epic firefights and brutal hand-to-hand combat. Using a biomechanical arm made specifically for Matteo by a mysterious scientist, players will rip through hordes of ancient enemies, such as Neanderthal thugs, as well as futuristic foes, such as Hover Droids and security drones.

Built using the Crytek 2 engine, M.O.B. sets the stage for a brutal struggle between the past and future. Players will employ an arsenal of futuristic weaponry through the shape shifting biomechanical arm, as well as devastating melee techniques. Using everything at their disposal, players will explore the underbelly of future Brooklyn and begin their ascent to the higher levels. Players can also take the carnage online through various multiplayer modes, included in the first volume.

The first volume of Merchants of Brooklyn and M.O.B. Drug Wars is “rated M.”

More information can be found on the Paleo Entertainment site at www.paleoent.com.

About Paleo Entertainment

Paleo Entertainment was established in 2006 as an independent video game developer for video game products. Based in San Diego, California, Paleo is creating games that show the evolution of mayhem.