Howard Stern’s Extensive Interview with Francis Ford Coppola Premieres on Howard TV

Cope!Legendary film director Francis Ford Coppola made his first ever appearance on the Howard Stern Show this week. The hour-long interview delved into a range of subjects; his childhood, his inspiration, getting over polio as a child, sex, stories about the making of The Godfather saga, Apocalypse Now, how he met his wife, his children, his very lucrative wine business, how he finances his movies, his jet, his philosophy of casting, working with Marlon Brando, and finally some comedic and musical moments thrown in for fun. Howard Stern talked about his conversation with Mr. Coppola on the Late Show with David Letterman on Monday night.

The entire interview with Mr. Coppola can be seen only on the Howard TV On Demand service starting on Wednesday, June 10, 2009. It will remain on the service for about three weeks.

The Howard TV On Demand service this month is filled with unabashed, freewheeling celebrity interviews with Howard Stern. Currently playing on Howard TV are extended interviews with Ben Stiller, Jimmy Kimmel, Bryce Dallas Howard, Jesse Ventura, Gilbert Gottfried, Brooke Hogan, Denise Richards and West Coast Choppers founder Jesse James.

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