TMR Zoo Double Play – Week 10 results – No Winner!

baseball monkeyAlmost… but not quite. Quite a few members picked the top scoring team this week, but none selected the squad that allowed the least amount of runs. Some of you are catching on though, as I’ll explain below. No winner means that last week’s prize is now combined with a new one as we roll into week 11.

The winning teams this week were the Rays on offense and the Blue Jays and Cubs in the runs allowed department. 13% of entrants picked the Rays, a smart move considering they are the highest run-scoring team in the league. There was an overwhelming number of entries for the New York Yankees this week. One third of all entries in week 10 were for the Yanks… another smart move since they are currently only 7 runs behind Tampa Bay in total runs scored on the season.

The runs allowed category has been much more difficult to pin down so far. Only the Cubs have been the leader more than once this season. The title went to a different team in every other week. The Cubs are fourth in ERA this season, preceded only by the Mariners, Giants and the league-leading Dodgers. Oddly enough, LA has not finished any week as the lowest run-allowing team in the league.

Since some of you seem to be picking the right teams for the job, I’m sure we’ll be issuing many more prizes in the near future. As for week 10, no winner means that the Erdinger prize pack, courtesy of Distinguished Brands International, Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy DVD and the NERF Elimination Game set, which includes 4 guns and ammo, are combined with a new prize… a Coghlan’s Cooler Light. See below for more details on the Erdinger prize pack:

Erdinger Prize Pack

The prize pack consists of: 4 Erdinger glasses with soccer ball tops, 1 Erdinger Lucite beer glass, 1 Erdinger Tee Shirt, 1 Erdinger bottle opener, Erdinger stickers, Erdinger brochures, 1 Erdinger tap handle, 1 Erdinger wall lamp.

Voting is now open for week 12, the statistical week of 6/21/09 through 6/27/09. I’ve already told you how possible it is, so click below and go for it!

Click here to enter the TMR Zoo Double Play.

Once you enter the Double Play, you are automatically entered into the Nickent Golf Grand Slam. If you can correctly pick the two teams as mentioned above, AS WELL as the exact runs scored and allowed, you have hit the Nickent Golf Grand Slam and win a full set of Nickent Golf Clubs in a stand bag. The set includes a 4DX Evolver driver, a 4DX Fairway, 4DX CB Irons (includes 2 hybrids), two
ARC Wedges and one Pipe Putter. See below:

Remember, you need to be a member of the TMR Zoo to enter the Double Play and Grand Slam. Don’t despair, membership is completely free with no obligation, and registration is as easy as creating a username in the Forums. We’ll even remind you each week when the entry deadline approaches. Don’t worry, we won’t use your email for anything other than sending you a once-weekly reminder.

If you need more baseball information, then head on over to Rhino Software, the official statistics provider for the Double Play and Nickent Grand Slam, or check Around the Bases, our in-house baseball expert Neil’s weekly commentary on the state of affairs in Major League Baseball.

What are you waiting for? Register and enter now… we’re still chomping at the bit to give these great prizes away!

Good Luck!