Rum in American History

It is said, Paul Revere had a swallow of the stuff to stiffen his resolve partway through his famous midnight ride. Benjamin Franklin penned a small ode to it. Ernest Hemingway mixed it in tall cocktails. On election night in 1960, John F. Kennedy sipped it over dinner at his house in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts before watching the election returns. In 1778, General George Washington marked July 4th with a double ration of it for his soldiers and an artillery salute. James Beard said “of all the spirits in your home, it is the most romantic.” It is RUM.

Caribbean and European settlers brought their love of rum to the United States. Rum was being distilled in our country by 1664 and by 1770, more than five million gallons of rum were being produced each year. Rum was served during weddings, at wakes and at most taverns across the nation, where community activities were held. Work stopped for “leven o’ clock bitters” and planters sipped punch, flips and toddies.

America was built on rum. Its story is classically American and includes its rise, its fall during prohibition and its comeback. Today, rum still holds an important place in our nation. The rum category has grown for the last fifteen consecutive years and is the second largest spirits category behind vodka. Rum-based cocktails, such as the Mojito, Daiquiri and Mai Tai, continue to grow from innovative twists on the already popular classics and compliment emerging rum cocktails.

Tommy Bahama – an iconic American brand synonymous with everyday luxury, introduced Tommy Bahama Rum in 2007 with the hopes of bringing paradise to the palate. The Ultra-Premium rum, available in White Sand and Golden Sun, is the perfect complement to the Fourth of July weekend as the nation celebrates independence. Toast history and show patriotism with the following red, white and blue cocktails made with America’s true spirit – RUM.

Bahama Basil Smash (red)

2 ½ parts Tommy Bahama White Sand Rum

2 parts sour mix

3 fresh blackberries

4 basil leaves

4 slices of ginger

¼ part lemon-lime soda

Muddle blackberries, basil and ginger in a mixing glass. Add remaining ingredients, shake well and strain into a mixing glass. Top with a splash of lemon-lime soda. Garnish with an orchid.

Tommy Bahama’s Coconut Cloud Martini (white)

1 ½ parts Tommy Bahama White Sand Rum

1 ½ parts vanilla vodka

1 ½ parts coconut rum

½ part cream of coconut

Shake in a cocktail shaker and strain. Garnish with toasted coconut.

Tommy’s Blue Hawaiian (blue)

1 part Tommy Bahama White Sand Rum

1 part blue curacao

1 part coconut cream

2 parts pineapple juice

Pour all ingredients into a blender with a scoop of crushed ice. Blend until smooth. Pour into a hurricane glass and garnish with a fresh pineapple slice and maraschino cherry.

Tommy Bahama Rum is made in Barbados at the legendary R. L. Seale Distillery. R. L. Seale has been crafting rum for more than eighty years and four generations, and their experience shows in every elegant bottle of Tommy Bahama. Tommy Bahama Rum’s two delightfully distinct flavors, Tommy Bahama White Sand and Tommy Bahama Golden Sun, are both made with the finest blackstrap molasses and the cleanest, clearest water naturally filtered through coral stone. Tommy Bahama Rums are fermented using specially selected yeast imported from the wine-growing regions of South Africa. Tommy Bahama White Sand Rum is aged a minimum of two years in American white oak barrels. A clear, light-bodied rum, White Sand has a smooth entry and clean finish with hints of tangy, tropical fruit. Tommy Bahama Golden Sun Rum is a blend of rums aged up to ten years in American white oak barrels. A full-bodied, amber rum, Golden Sun has an elegant, fruity nose and a taste nuanced with hints of coffee, roasted nuts, and sweet pralines. Tommy Bahama Rums have no added sugar or artificial blenders.

Tommy Bahama Rum, 40% Alc. /Vol. Imported exclusively by Sidney Frank Importing Company, Inc., New Rochelle, NY.