Oldest XBOX 360 Dedicated Adult Gaming Community Opens Registration for Annual Recruitment Drive

like-minded-gamersThe Likeminded Gamers Adult community is a closed referral only community that opens its registration to the public for two months every summer. Open registration began on July 1st and will run until to August 31st.

Some highlights:

An established community. Formed on the launch day of the XBOX 360. Been around for almost 4 years and not going anywhere.

A Non competitive adult environment – Members will sometimes run their own in-house leagues and tournaments (Madden, FIFA, COD leagues etc) but no outside ladders or clan matches. All of the events are for fun. No skill level requirement or tryouts. Just be an adult.

– Close knit. Many members consider LMG their extended family.

– Monthly Pod cast and Newsletter (Warning: These are rated R for language and FILLED with inside jokes. You will need to be a member for awhile before you get some of these references).

– Tons of group events. GOW2 Horde nights as well as COD Zombie nights are common. Lot’s of sports action with regular FIFA and NHL tournaments as well as many others. Lot’s of single player gaming as well so if you want to discuss FallOut or Fable feel free. Annual fantasy leagues, and a monthly poker night (done through paypal).

– Annual LMG Summer Olympiad where members are broken into teams (countries) and take part in a friendly competition over a series of games (XB live, Single player and XBLA) for gold, silver, and bronze medals.

-Two weekly get-togethers: Friday night Drunkfest where members can get together to have a few drinks (not a requirement) and enjoy some gaming with friends. Tuesday night “Noob Night” where the new members get to know the established guys. Events are always well attended. Always have full rooms, and open up multiple rooms as needed.

-VERY active shout box and forums to help make work go by a little faster. In-house review and preview writer, as well as a video game news guru who keep the group up to date on everything going on out there. Our shout box is very active and has cost companies millions of dollars a year in lost man-hours.

– Own slang. Over 4 years of existence LMG has given birth to it’s own language. Check the terms out in the LMG vernacular thread on the forum to see what exactly being fargened into a game means. Also check out the “LMG for Noobs” thread to help get started.

– A diverse membership. Membership consists of men and women from all walks of life. Businessmen, a fireman, IT guys (and gals), a biologist, educators, military and many more. All active and all available for gaming.

– Active membership. Inactive members are removed regularly.

Only two requirements for membership: Be an adult (preference is over 25, but over 21 is usually OK) and be active.

If you are interested go to: www.thelikemindedgamers.com, click over to our forum and introduce yourself in the New to LMG thread. Check out our board a little and come on up to the shout box.

This is a great group of guys. Highly recommended. Join up and check them out while the registration is still open.