TMR Health: Blast The Weight Off With Rocket Fuel

User feedback has made Rocket Fuel the go to option for healthy weight loss. Rocket Fuel is designed to attack weight through an increase in metabolism, reduced appetite and an increase in energy levels.

Rocket Fuel uses a liquid delivery system designed for pharmaceutical use. Pharmaceutical grade ingredients and delivery system ensure greater potency and efficacy for this product. This product is a potent energizer so dosing should start low and can be increased as tolerance is assessed.

Rocket Fuel uses a few unique ingredients which set it apart from some of the other products in the fat burning category. A standardized extract of cayenne is used for its thermogenic properties. As your body heats up you expend more calories. A unique blend of green, black and white tea ads fuel to the fire by allowing the body to break down fatty acids more efficiently promoting fat as a fuel source.

The ingredient Phenyl ethylamine reduces appetite and elevates mood helping to avoid the ups and downs associated with calorie restriction. L-dopa from the plant Mucuna Puriens increases the level of growth hormone that is produced which will have a positive impact on body composition. Rocket Fuel also employs a new form of Tyrosine which will naturally increase the levels of the fat burning hormones T3 and T4.