TMR Health: Performance Nutrition Guide to Changing Body Composition

Almost all of us would like to change our body composition by either losing body fat or building muscle. In fact I would be willing to bet that most of us would like to do both at the same time. Although this is difficult it definitely is possible for someone who is highly motivated.

Putting together a plan on paper is relatively easy however the day to day discipline and consistency are hard to maintain. I have broken this plan down into four parts which are necessary for making changes in body composition. It is important that all of the plans components are followed. You cannot leave out or adapt parts of the program and expect to get results.

Motivation and Drive Everyone claims they want to look and feel better but most will not stick with a plan of action long enough to achieve results. To make changes in body composition you will have to make some sacrifices. You will be up early making/preparing meals and you will have to give up some personal time to workout. You also have to have an element of “inner” drive to keep you going. To help you make it through grueling workouts we are suggesting the use of the pre-workout supplement Rush.

Making changes Be prepared to completely change your lifestyle. If you are not making progress at what you are currently doing you must make changes. I hear countless people tell me that they are doing everything right but cannot get results, you can’t do the right things and get the wrong result. The whole point of this plan is to help you outline changes you can make to accelerate progress toward your goals.

Genetic potential All of us will have some limitations on our results which are dictated by our genetics. This shouldn’t hold you back from an all out effort but it also shouldn’t leave you frustrated if you don’t look like a fitness model. Set realistic goals and work on trying to achieve personal bests rather than comparing yourself to anyone else.

Diet These are the foods you can eat split out by macronutrient type. We have also included some sample meal options to give you an idea of what you should be eating. Protein: lean steak, grilled chicken breasts, turkey breast, baked or grilled fish, etc. Veggies: large pile of mostly green veggies, steamed broccoli, spinach, zucchini, squash, etc. Starch: small amount of dry sweet potato, whole-wheat pasta, or brown rice

Breakfast Options 1) Old fashioned oatmeal with blueberries and scrambled egg whites 2) Spinach omelet made with Omega 3 enriched whole eggs.

Lunch Options 1) Turkey burger on whole grain bread with salad. 2) Grilled chicken breasts with steamed vegetables.

Dinner Options 1) Salmon with grilled zucchini and squash. 2) Steak with plain sweet potato and salad 3) 2 Grilled chicken breasts over large spinach salad, with olive oil based dressing.

Training On this program you will be weight training four days per week with each day being anchored by one major exercise with a few additional assistance exercises. The key is to maximize the effort on the one main exercise each session.

Day 1

Incline Chest Press 3×8

Dips Weighted 3×10

Flat Bench Dumbbell Press 3×8

Day 2

Dead Lift 3×8

Pull-ups Weighted 3×10

Rows 3×8

Day 3

Squats 3×8

Leg Curl 3×10

Stiff leg dead lift 3×10

Calf Raises Seated 2×20

Calf Raises Standing 2×20

Day 4

Shoulder press 3×8

Shrugs 3×12

Lateral Raise 3×8

Cardio Sessions

3 sessions of 20 minute interval training per week.

We recommend sprinting.

This would consist of running 50 yards followed by walking 50 yards and then repeating for 20 minutes. Training on a bike could be done as well, but from experience sprinting works better for fat loss.

Supplements You will need some basic supplements to help you make it through this program. We are using supplements to help the body adapt to the necessary workloads as well as speed up the rate of progress. In the case of the recovery and protein drinks most people have a hard time consuming adequate protein necessary to achieve their goals so these products make this much easier.

Pre workout: These products are designed to increase mental focus and energy. A good product in this category should help you handle a greater workload during your workouts. We recommend SSL Rush. Post workout: You don’t get results during training, they happen during the recovery process. We recommend BioRhythm Afterglow as its formula has been University tested and produces measurable increases in markers of recovery.

Protein: Your muscles are made up of protein and you need to feed them. Try Pro Complete 40 by Optimum Health.

Vitamin: We prefer natural sources of vitamins and minerals like ANS VitaGreens. Omega 3’s: Omega 3 fats are a basic essential fat. We recommend using Olio by BioRhythm. Additional supplements: There are numerous products you can add to your supplement regimen however we recommend starting with the basics. As you progress read some of the articles in our blog ( to find other products that will suite your goals. Obviously we could go into much greater detail on each of these parts. If you do have questions please feel free to check out and stop into one of our store locations for help. We have highly educated staff who can answer not only supplement related questions but also help with diet and exercise questions as well.