Will Fans Boycott the Eagles? Pet Lovers Poll Says: 46% Will

michael-vick-falconsNews broke on Thursday evening of Michael Vick signing a two-year contract with the Philadelphia Eagles. Instantaneously, fans were posting comments on the Eagles’ Web site, Twitter was trending Michael Vick and Eagles with various reactions. But the big question now is: how will this decision to bring Vick to Philadelphia impact the team with backlash?

Zootoo Pet News just concluded its poll Thursday, August 13, hours prior to the deal being confirmed by Vick’s agent to ESPN, where 46 percent of poll respondents said they’d be so outraged at Vick joining their team that they’d boycott games, sell their season tickets and publicly protest.

How would you react if Michael Vick was signed to your favorite football team?

46 percent: I’d be outraged, boycott games, sell my season tickets and publicly protest my former favorite team.

31 percent: I’m not a football fan, nor think he should be allowed to play professionally again.

12 percent: I wouldn’t be happy, but would support my team and attend games, hoping Vick receives a large pay cut and publicly shows remorse for what he did.

7 percent: Who cares, his talent outweighs his bad moral compass! I would continue to support my team, especially if Vick increased their wins.

4 percent: I’m not a football fan but think it’s OK he returns to the league.

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