NFL Week 5 Recap and “Beat the House” Results

Ut oh, it looks like the House has started to show up! The members opened the season with three consecutive wins, but the House rebounded in weeks 4 and 5 with decisive victories. The membership posted 9 wins out of 14 to The House’s 11. The House has now posted 11 wins in consecutive weeks. The simulation of the week on Madden NFL 10 for the Xbox 360 came in third place with an 8-6 record. The tally stands at Members 3, House 2 so far in 2009. Tune in tomorrow when the NFL week 6 picks and predictions are released.

The weekly and total stats are as follows:

* The House Madden Sim Members
Week 5: 11-3 8-6 9-5
2009 Overall: 52-24 44-32 55-21

The Challenge
Week five saw four games disagreed on by the members, the highest disagree total for 2009. The games that the membership did not find favorable were San Fran over Atlanta, Denver over New England, Seattle over Jacksonville and Miami over the Jets.

The first game mentioned did not go as the House predicted, but the rest did. As we saw on Sunday, the Falcons trounced the Niners in San Fran. This was the closest game in voting for the week, barely over the disagree margin at 54%. Still, The House wants that pick back.

Denver beat the Patriots in the Superbowl this past Sunday… at least it looked like it with the amount of celebrating witnessed after the game. It was Denver’s first victory over a strong opponent this season. One thing is for sure… Tom Brady is still far from 100% healthy.

The Seattle pick was nothing special, but it was the Monday Night selection that earned the most disagrees of any game in week 5. Almost 70% of the membership was wrong in picking the red hot Jets to win. Does the Wildcat got your tongue today? Miami runs that style of offense to perfection and Chad Henne may actually be the missing piece that could tie it all together. Stay tuned.

game ball
For the first time in three weeks, nobody went perfect with their picks. And since theHouse won his week, we get to hold onto the DVD prize pack for now. We can award a Nerf Pro Grip football, though. Since there was an 11-way tie with 11 wins, we’ll throw out a football at random… you know who you are.

The second part of our competition, the Nickent Players of the Week, will be decided on Wednesday when the NFL announces the top performers for week 5. The prize is a full set of golf clubs and we actually had a winner in week 1. The odds are on your side, so go for it!

Tune back in on Thursday morning to once again agree or disagree with the House’s NFL week 6 picks and predictions.

To review the Week 5 picks, visit the Beat the House main picks page. The week 6 picks and predictions will be up early Thursday morning. Make sure you get your picks in early to move up the leaderboard and get another shot at beating the house. Check in often, the board can drastically change over the remainder of the football season.

Stay tuned to see who will be named the Nickent Players of the Week and if any members have won another full set of golf clubs. We’ll update you as soon as the players of the week are announced.

For all other NFL and sports updates, check out the TMRzoo Sports Zone.

See you next week.