Is Kid Rock Replacing Aerosmith Frontman Steven Tyler?

There are reports out of L.A. and Boston today that after 40 years Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has left the band. This would not be the first time in the history of Areosmith a founding member has left. Joe Perry and Brad Perry both left in the 80’s to peruse solo careers. Joe Perry did some of his best playing and writing after the break up with The Joe Perry Project. JPP released “Let The Music Do The Talking” and “I’ve Got The Rock & Rolls Again; both albums had limited success.

Aerosmith continued on with the release of “Rock In A Hard Place” with stand in guitarists Jimmy Crespo and Rick Dufay. “Rock In A Hard Place” saw a glimmer of Mtv airplay with the single “When The Lightning Strikes” but never burnt up the charts.

So now that another founding member has decided to take a walk there are rumors that Detroit rocker Kid Rock will be tapped to fill in for the Boston Bad Boy’s next tour. Not only is Rock a huge fan, but he has the stage presence and voice to pull off the gig. Other names I have heard thrown around are past Joe Perry Project vocalists Charlie Farren and Mark Bell.

Some would even think Aerosmith could go the Journey/Judas Priest route and grab a singer from one of the thousand Aerosmith tribute bands out there. In this case I just don’t think it will work.

The obvious choice for a Tyler replacement would be Boston native Gary Cherone. Gary has the chops and stage presence for the gig. It would make sense to have a Boston singer in front of the Boston Bad Boys; not some guy from Detroit in a fur jacket. Gary would also be a vocal upgrade from Kid Rock. Cherone has some of the best pipes in the business. He is great with Extreme and blew away his predecessors in Van Halen. I think if it is going to work Gary Cherone would be the choice.