Week 14 NFL “Beat the House” Picks and Predictions

Beat the House Chick
The TMRzoo “Beat the House” Week 14 NFL picks and predictions are live and voting is now open. The members continue to roll as they recorded their 10th weekly win of the season in week 13. There doesn’t appear to be any gamble picks this week by the House… has he finally been beaten into submission? It’s time to now make your week 14 picks and attempt the creep up the TMR Leaderboard and steal some prizes from us. Click below to enter now!

Click here for the NFL week 14 picks and predictions

This might be a week where we have a full set of agreed-on picks. As mentioned above, there doesn’t appear to be any risky picks by the House in hopes to score a rare victory. The division match-up between the Giants and Eagles on Sunday night will probably be the tightest voting of the week. Have fun!

As we stated last week, we changed the rules up a little. In previous editions, you could still vote on the Thursday night game after it was played and get credit for it. You wouldn’t win any tiebreakers with that win, but it would still count in your record. Now that is no longer the case. Voting will stay open until Sunday kickoff, but any entries received after the Thursday game start time will be a loss. Fair is fair.


Don’t know about “Beat the House”? Click here to see exactly what we’re giving away this week. As always, the full set of Nickent Golf clubs is up for grabs and was actually won in week 1.

Good Luck!