Holly Sampson Admits to Naughty America Tiger Woods’ Liaison

SPL144336_013Naughty America has come across some interesting information to add to the Tiger Wood’s scandal regarding a recent entry into Woods’ partners.

Holly Sampson, a star in the adult entertainment industry was recently added to the list of women that Tiger Woods has been associated with and Naughty America has evidence of Holly Sampson admitting to the alleged association.

In May 2009 Holly Sampson was a featured guest on Naughty America’s talk show Live with Lauren and talked about her conquests. One of the conquests that she discussed was Pro Golf’s very own Tiger Woods where she went into explicit details of their sexual liaisons.

Sampson allegedly met Woods while providing the entertainment for a bachelor party in which she replied, “He picked me to go in a room.”

While being featured as a guest on Live with Lauren, Sampson also commented on his body features saying he had “beautiful everything” and that they “practice safe sex.”


“At the time I couldn’t believe what I was hearing but I was very intrigued,” said Lauren, host of Live with Lauren, “Now it all makes sense.”

Sampson also goes on to implicate her other conquests including Kevin Costner, Steven Dorff and Brent Bolthouse.

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Source: Naughty America